Mabi Swimwear

Carbon Free

Easy steps to make your beauty routine plastic free

Have you ever thought about changing the way you buy your beauty products that are not plastic free? As we know the plastic problem in our oceans is not an unfamiliar, this shocking issue has escalated in recent years due to the amount of plastic discarded by us the consumer. The endless statistics we could …

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MABI’s Carbon Free Program

On the Carbon free Program that MABI has arranged with “Iniciativa Verde“, the GHG emissions which are responsible of the global warming, are compensated by reforesting the Atlantic Woods. This carbon free project, is also known as Carbon Compensation, or Carbon Neutralisation. Organisations or companies need to fill a report which will calculate their carbon …

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Why is MABI a sustainable brand?

Fashion need more sustainable brands…   Why we need to bet for a sustainable brands? Fashion evolved from 2 fashion seasons, Spring /Summer and Fall/Winter, to now approximately 52 micro seasons, turning it into one of the dirtiest industries in the World. Supply chains are often carried on with minimal vigilance where the labour force is …

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Be MABI with us

MABI is a luxury sustainable and eco-luxury beachwear company, made in exotic Brazil and based in the cosmopolitan centre of London. The brand was founded by Maristela Soares, with her love for high fashion, inspired from rich and artistic natural wonders, she works with a conscious mind towards the environment and ecosystem.   Where are Mabi’s …

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