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Climate Change in the Amazon Hidden by the dense vegetation and isolated from the rest of the world live approximately 30,000 people of 420 different tribes in Brazil. Amazon indigenous people think climate change is affecting their physical health and lifestyle, which has forced them to find ways of lessening the harm caused by drought …


World Economic Forum green schemes 2019

World Economic Forum green schemes 2019 is something to get excited about! Every year, January brings new hopes! And Davos hopes to fulfil those hopes as it sets in motion some of the most progressive ecological plans of the year. For instance, electronic travel and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are just two mind-blowing discussions happening …

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Easy steps to make your beauty routine plastic free

Have you ever thought about changing the way you buy your beauty products that are not plastic free? As we know the plastic problem in our oceans is not an unfamiliar, this shocking issue has escalated in recent years due to the amount of plastic discarded by us the consumer. The endless statistics we could …

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MABI’s Carbon Free Program

On the Carbon free Program that MABI has arranged with “Iniciativa Verde“, the GHG emissions which are responsible of the global warming, are compensated by reforesting the Atlantic Woods. This carbon free project, is also known as Carbon Compensation, or Carbon Neutralisation. Organisations or companies need to fill a report which will calculate their carbon …

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Ethical Fashion says NO to Greenwash MABI is a sustainable and ethical fashion brand which uses a biodegradable fabric which can be recycled, is sustainably sourced and is environmentally conscious. Lately it seems a lot of brands have decided to go “green”, announcing sustainable behaviours and ethical actions which don’t represent their whole brand or …

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