Mabi Swimwear



,,Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body”

You may wonder what colors have to do with spirituality. We strongly believe that the universe leaves us traces through the colors that our unconscious mind registers. Have you ever felt the power of colors that elevate you toward progress and sense of the highest level of spirituality with the immense support of the Mother Nature? Do you ever noticed they can bring you joy, happiness, love and inner peace and make you feel specially relaxed and calm?

Our new collection Gaia Tapestry Spiritual is all about colors that can make you alive, joyful and intertwined with our beautiful Mother Nature Gaia, mother of all life on the planet.

We are inspired by combination of colors that nourish our soul and lead us to become more aware of our mission on the Earth.

Like a flower turning towards the sun, we choose Nature to become our spiritual path and inviting you to dive into the power of colors with Gaia Tapestry Spiritual.

Allow your autenticity to express itself through combination of colors that we have created.

Let’s travel through the healing power of colors with our new collection Gaia Tapestry


We are nature lovers. Inspired by all the beauty contained in our planet Earth, we believe that fashion can be a force for good and the perfect way to spread the word for environmental conservation.

For years, we have exploited our planet’s natural resources. We have taken the soil, the food, the water, the air and all the gifts that planet Earth provides us for granted. Some people even believe that we are entitled to just take and take from it without a thought of nourishing it back. We are simply not; it is time to give back to the Earth. We need a healthy ecosystem not only for our quality of life, but also for our very own survival. It is time we stop, rethink and transform the way we live and do business in order to support biodiversity, so all of life can continue to thrive on this beautiful planet for many years to come.

MABI is always in search of the ultimate and most eco-friendly materials, contributing to green initiatives. As a result, in spring 2017, the moment our brand was conceived, we teamed up with “Iniciativa Verde”. This initiative is part of the Carbon Free Project, which neutralizes MABI’s carbon emissions and fight deforestation by planting native trees in preservation areas. Through these programmes, we aim to replenish landscapes by planting trees in the Atlantic Woods in the most damaged areas of Cantareira.
We need standing forests not only to ensure balanced climatic conditions on our planet, but also to enable us to continue enjoying the wonders that nature offers us. We are all connected, what happens in nature will directly impact our lives. Preserving our forests means preserving life.


Maristela Soares moved from Brazil to London in 2017 to pursue her fashion career. It is her deepest wish to make people aware of the catastrophic consequences of fast-fashion, to heal our exploited Earth, to provide better conditions for people working in textile factories, and to encourage consumers to choose conscientiously.

Undoubtedly, Maristela’s intention is to contribute towards sustainable fashion by using organic fabrics and taking part in green initiatives. Maristela’s Brazilian heritage means she feels a deep-rooted passion for protecting the Amazon Rainforest and, to honour this, her designs are inspired directly by the wild and vibrant Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world and home to priceless biodiversity.

MABI, her brand, is elegance and sensuality combined, offering styles that will easily compliment all body shapes. Most importantly, Maristela desires to reignite our appreciation of quality, ethical swimwear made with integrity, to make people fall in love with her beautiful designs and the wonders of our planet Earth again and again.