Iniciativa Verde

By purchasing  Mabi Swimwear you can be confident that you are supporting the world for a better future, and owning a sustainable product, which is truly carbon neutral. MABI Swimwear is carbon free, through our partnership with "Iniciativa Verde" MABI actively takes part of reforestation events on the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, by calculating our carbon footprint, to after compensate it to the environment.  



Imagine if you had the opportunity to change landscapes, by returning ecosystems to their natural state, after they have been damaged by our modern civilization. Amigo da Floresta (Friend of the Forest) is a Green Initiative project whereby trees are planted in the Atlantic Forest in deforested areas of Cantareira in Brazil.






The Green Initiative is a non-profit organization that seeks to contribute to the improvement of environmental services such as biodiversity, water and air quality. The Green Initiative believes in the importance of consistency and scientific update, directing their work to the generation and dissemination of knowledge and also to support the formulation and implementation of public policies that are able to ensure the conservation of natural ecosystems and the well-being rural communities.



In pursuit of these goals, the Green Initiative calculates the carbon emissions of people or companies and compensates these by the carbon emission savings that occur by the replanting of trees in the  Atlantic Forest.


The institution offers the recognized Carbon Free seal emissions that have been offset with the Green Initiative. 


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