The Designer

 MABI was born from our love of the sun, the ocean and natural beauty found all over the world. Our brand is connected with nature, and due to this, our mission is to make positive change to the world that we all share.
MABI’s purpose is to create a revolution where fashion and our environment mix and are intrinsically linked. MABI is at the forefront of a new movement, where companies believe in ethical fashion and sustainability.
When buying any of our designs, you are directly contributing to supporting our sustainable aims, and personally supporting several reforestation and water preservation projects in Brazil. At present, we are focusing our efforts on supporting sustainable projects in the Atlantic Rainforest, but our ultimate aim is to spread our mission and working practice worldwide.
Maristela Soares is the founder of the Eco-luxury MABI concept. Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, she was able to witness first-hand how our industrial society affected the forest and its ecosystem. 
Maristela realized that being trendy and sophisticated, whilst wearing ethical fashion, should be possible.  Taking her surroundings, and in particular the oceans and forests, as her muse, she decided to strive for a change, creating her brand concept in 2015.
The MABI collection reflects Maristela’s current artistic creations, but at the same time expresses a sustainable ethos, which is colorful, shining, and mixes timeless style with bold designs.