MABI is an independent eco-friendly London based swimwear label which was born to make people aware, that looking sophisticated,  wearing ethical fashion is unavoidably becoming true.

People are getting conscious about how their consumption and behaviour affects the environment in a wider context. Consequently, a new generation of demanding yet aware consumers have made their voices known, asking for sustainable measures to help the world, and reduce their carbon-footprint whilst purchasing eco-fashion.

Our collection uses luxury custom prints, as well as bright and trendsetting colours. Cheeky cuts which makes your body's silhouette look elegant and dapper, whilst providing high standards of comfort and functionality.

MABI fabricates its creations in São Paolo, Brazil. Our manufacturing process is based within an eco-friendly industrial facility which is focused on the prevention and reduction of pollution, the preservation and protection of the green areas within its vicinity, mitigating water usage and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, no children or minors participate in the manufacturing process from start to finish and our commitment as a company is to fight for their rights and overall wellness.

Additionally, MABI's mission is also to ensure that whilst bring our creations to life their is no impact to our environment. This is done by calculating the carbon required to create our products and participating in various schemes to offset the carbon created during the manufacturing and distribution process. We have actively created partnerships with several ecological and humanitarian organizations in order to make our aims become reality, and being part of the  Ethical-Fashion Revolution.