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Artemis dress Sand



Artemis is a flowing and elegant dress. Knotted at the neck and with an open back, it is made exclusively from 100% organic cotton. A fabric which is softer, hypoallergenic and can last a lifetime. But the most important benefit is that it protects ecosystems, reducing excessive water consumption, and ensures decent working conditions for the people involved in its production process. Its ruffled collar, with a braided detail, turns a seemingly simple dress into a unique and elegant outfit, in which you will feel comfortable and ideal for any special occasion. Beautiful, sexy, elegant and, best of all, respectful of Mother Earth!


♥Double Lined
♥Biodegradable Fabric
♥Biodegradable Tag
♥Sustainable fabric Polyamide 6.6
♥Luxurious Feel
♥Made in Brazil

Do you want to make a direct impact?

Each piece comes with a biodegradable tag with tree seeds on it, which you can plant wherever you want. In your backyard, in the neighbourhood… Anywhere.

MABI is a brand with a purpose, and we are committed to protect what we love. MABI is elegance and sensuality combined, offering styles that will easily compliment all body shapes.