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Mabi Gaia Tapestry Spiritual Collection – The healing power of colors: We present the one-piece Melissa swimsuit by Maristela Soares


This is a perfect bikini that will accentuate any body type and accent your beautiful shape.  The high rise will provide a more defined contour your figure and create that sensual long legged look. Wide open back with an opened v-neck makes this design different from your regular one-piece that covers up whole body. This is a perfect mixture of a comfortable and reliable one-piece but making it special and extremely flattering to anybody.

Available in 3 special designs and awakening colors.


MABI Brazilian SizeUKEUUSA


87 % Polyamide • 13% Elastane



♥One-piece bikini
♥High Leg Bikini Bottoms
♥High Waist Bottoms
♥Lower open back with crossed strings

♥Double Lined
♥Biodegradable Fabric
♥Biodegradable Tag
♥Sustainable fabric Polyamide 6.6
♥Luxurious Feel
♥Made in Brazil

Our new collection Gaia Tapestry Spiritual is all about colors that can make you alive, joyful and intertwined with our beautiful Mother Nature Gaia, mother of all life on the planet.

We are inspired by a combination of colors that nourish our soul and lead us to become more aware of our mission on the Earth.

Like a flower turning towards the sun, we choose Nature to become our spiritual path and invite you to dive into the power of colors with Gaia Tapestry Spiritual.

We want to use the most recent technology to help make our planet a better place, therefore the organic Mabi Swimwear swimsuit has utilised a new biodegradable fabric. Above all, this sustainable fabric Polyamide 6.6 ensures that when your clothes finally have no use for anyone, they will naturally decompose when discarded.

Not only are you buying an amazing, sustainable environment-friendly item, but for each item you purchase, Mabi Swimwear will plant a tree in the Brazilian Rainforest in collaboration with the reforestation organization, “Amigo da Floresta” (Forest’s friend). By purchasing this eco-friendly piece, you are indirectly making the world a better and greener place.

Do you want to make a direct impact?

Each piece comes with a biodegradable tag with tree seeds on it, which you can plant wherever you want. In your backyard, in the neighbourhood… Anywhere.

MABI is a brand with a purpose, and we are committed to protect what we love. MABI is elegance and sensuality combined, offering styles that will easily compliment all body shapes.


S, M, L


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