Bikini Three Piece Naomi


Naomi is a stunning, innovative three-piece.
It is composed of a top, high waist underwear and a smaller one for sunbathing (and getting those sexy tan lines)
Stylized with delicate, yet resistant elastic bands on all of its straps, you’ll have a perfect fit and gorgeous figure without leaving a single mark on your skin.
Naomi is the perfect mix of new fashion and fitness.
Composition: 87 % Polyamide, 13% Elastane

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  • L
  • M
  • S
  • Earth
  • Multi-Naomi

Using the most recent technology, and a strong desire to help make our planet a better place and, MabiSwimwear has utilised a new biodegradable fabric type: AMNI SOUL ECO.By using Polyamide 6.6, Amni Soul Eco ensures that when your clothes finally have no use for anyone, they will naturally decompose when discarded.
Not only are you buying an amazing, environment-friendly item, but for each item you purchase, MabiSwimwear will plant a tree in the Brazilian Rainforest in collaboration with the reforestation organization, “Amigo da Floresta” (Forest’s friend).By purchasing this piece, you are indirectly making the world a better and greener place.
But wait!
Do you want to make a direct impact?Each piece comes with a biodegradable tag with tree seeds on it, which you can plant wherever you want. In your backyard, in the neighbourhood… Anywhere.Join us, Make your environment better. Be an ECO-Friend yourself by buying MabiSwimwear.


L, M, S


Earth, Multi-Naomi


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