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Pérola set in white


Description: our Perola set was already in the previous collection, but it returns as one of our favourites, this time in more colours. Made entirely of organic cotton, it consists of a light crop blouse with a wide-open breast line and an adjustable waist string together with flowy mid-size sleeves. Perola high waisted trousers continue the perfect flow combined with an additional skirt-like cotton layers on sides and wide leg silhouette. This beautifully designed set is created to embrace your body and accentuate your figure, as well as to keep you comfortable. Its amazing texture, paired with its unique design, will make sure you always look good and feel even better!


♥ Organic cotton light crop blouse
♥ Adjustable waist string
♥Mid size flowy sleeves
♥Wide leg silhouette trousers
♥Made with Love
♥Made in Brazil

♥For each item you purchase, Mabi Swimwear will plant a tree in the Brazilian Rainforest in collaboration with the reforestation organization, “Amigo da Floresta” (Forest’s friend).

In order to maintain colour, we recommend rinsing your Perola set with clear cold water and by hand. Hang to dry.

Our new collection Gaia Tapestry Spiritual is all about colors that can make you alive, joyful and intertwined with our beautiful Mother Nature Gaia, mother of all life on the planet.

We are inspired by a combination of colors that nourish our soul and lead us to become more aware of our mission on the Earth.

Like a flower turning towards the sun, we choose Nature to become our spiritual path and invite you to dive into the power of colors with Gaia Tapestry Spiritual.

Mabi includes colours created via natural dying and mineral salts. Flowers, roots, and seeds are the main components of the prints, while plants, spices, and vegetables provide the pigment. These dying and stamping processes are 100% authentically made in Brazil with local Brazilian materials and elements.

MABI is a brand with a purpose, and we are committed to protect what we love. MABI is elegance and sensuality combined, offering styles that will easily compliment all body shapes.