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Regi Rose Quartz Kaftan

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Organic Kaftan Rose Quartz

We want to use the most recent technology to help make our planet a better place, therefore the eco-friendly Mabi Swimwear has utilised a new biodegradable fabric. Above all, this sustainable fabric Polyamide 6.6 ensures that when your clothes finally have no use for anyone, they will naturally decompose when discarded. In addition, this sustainable kaftan is made using hemp, a super fibre that is both sustainable and organic while providing durability and is hypo allergenic.

Not only are you buying an amazing, environment-friendly item, but for each item you purchase, Mabi Swimwear will plant a tree in the Brazilian Rainforest in collaboration with the reforestation organisation, “Amigo da Floresta” (Forest’s friend). By purchasing this eco-friendly piece, you are indirectly making the world a better and greener place.

Do you want to make a direct impact?

Each piece comes with a biodegradable tag with tree seeds on it, which you can plant wherever you want. In your backyard, in the neighbourhood… Anywhere.

MABI is a brand with a purpose, and we are committed to protect what we love. MABI is elegance and sensuality combined, offering styles that will easily compliment all body shapes.

Our Eco-Friendly Mission

We are nature lovers. Inspired by all the beauty contained in our planet Earth, we believe that fashion can be a force for good and the perfect way to spread the word for environmental conservation. We put our minds and hearts in quality and detail, because we know that good things take time. We believe in the beauty of fine practice, presenting you with luxurious collections responsibly made using eco-friendly and recyclable fabrics.

That is why we are convinced that we will contribute to make this a better world for tomorrow. The Earth has been giving us clear signs that we must change our ways. If we want to thrive, it is time we take responsibility, change our ways, and start honouring this planet that sustains all of our lives. This is only our home.

Join us, Make your environment better.

Be an ECO-Friend yourself by buying Mabi Swimwear.


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